Rollplay Car

BOSTON, MA (January 30, 2017) – Rollplay, a division of Goodbaby International Holdings, Limited, a leading designer of highly featured, quality wheeled goods that fuel safe, independent and mobilized fun for kids is introducing an entirely new line of products targeted to the parents of young pre- school children, making learning to drive easy and giving parents more control. Known as a leading seller of luxury automotive branded ride-on cars, Rollplay is also expanding its power performance range with new technologies.

“Rollplay is committed to improving consumer experiences with all of our ride-on toys by introducing dual play patterns and dynamic riding performance,” says Greg Miller, Vice President of Global Marketing, Rollplay. “Our design team has expanded play for the preschool ride-on audience and discovered some amazing new driving thrills for children ages 8+.”

At Spielwarenmesse 2017 Rollplay introduces their latest battery powered ride-ons for children from 2 years up. From the Food Truck with EZ-Steer technology to the 4 wheel steering Dune e-Racer different ages and pursposes are covered.

Food Truck

This new generation of toy ride-on expands the fun and encourages social play between kids by pro- viding a popular role play theme like food kitchens. Rollplay’s exclusive EZ-Steer technology is spe- cifically designed for the preschool audience. The 360° turning prevents frustration for the younger child of two years and up when learning to steer and control a vehicle. The award winning concept has the dual play that allows children to drive to their favorite spot and open the foldable kitchen center on the back, begin to prepare pretend treats and collect money – just like a real shop keeper.

Porsche 918 “Spyder”

Pushing the characteristic realism of Rollplay e-cars, the new Porsche 918 is the one of the best in beauty and performance from the Porsche portfolio. With this highly detailed replica of the hybrid supercar, children of three years and up get the features and elegance of the high performance German brand in their hands.

Dune e-Racer

4 wheel steering is a first-to-market feature from Rollplay that provides better off-road control and the smallest turning radius in the category. With that control the 12V two seat vehicle Dune e-Racer can handle most any terrain type, with great traction and high ground clearance. The unique frame design reflects an aggressive off-road style and with two sets of working lights you can always see your way. This not only boosts the driving fun for children 3 years and up but also raises the safety level.


With the Turnado Rollplay introduces one of the most realistic racing experience a driver can enjoy including thrilling speed and drifting action. The 24 volt power drive system creates up to 12 miles per hour of speed, with traditional handlebars for stable control, so kids from 8 years and up can get the feeling of a true racing car driving experience. The front wheel drive design pulls through slides and drifts that will be sure to attract attention. And you shouldn’t be surprised if parents will want to give it a try as well.